North Lakes Accommodation for Families, Weddings, and Short Stays

If you have a quick trip to North Lakes coming up, you will need an affordable yet comfortable accommodation for your stay. There are many hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast options that work well for a variety of different travel needs. The North Brisbane area is very friendly, and most accommodation options are small and will cater to your needs. Here is why North Lake is a great choice for a variety of different accommodation needs.


The best motel in the North Lakes area is Kallangur Motel. Located just west of North Lakes in the suburb of Kallangur, this is your best bet for an inexpensive but very comfortable stay. They offer in-room breakfast service, large TVs, and a swimming pool, as well as free wi-fi. They also have plenty of rooms that are designed specifically to accommodate families, which is a great option if you are traveling with kids (or even just a group larger than two). It is located on 1517 Anzac Avenue.


If you are traveling with a family, North Lakes is great because it is very safe and easy to navigate. They are close to many family friendly restaurants, and there are many nearby parks and beaches where the kids can play. Staying in the suburbs is usually much more comfortable for families than staying in the big city, which can be very crowded and overwhelming, especially for families with young children.


North Lakes is also a perfect spot to stay if you are in the Brisbane area for a wedding. No matter where the wedding is held, you will be centrally located. From North Lakes, it is just a short drive east to the stunning Moreton Bay area. You can take the train south into downtown Brisbane, where you can connect with many other lines that will take you throughout the metro area, or you can take the train north to the Sunshine Coast. Staying in North Lakes is also a great option for weddings because there is more room to accommodate a big crowd. If you stay in the city, you may have a harder time finding accommodation for your entire party.


Finally, North Lakes is a great option for short stays. You can stay in a nice, comfortable room very affordably in this area. That way, you will have more money for fun adventures out and around Brisbane.


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