Why Stay at Hotels in North Brisbane

When visiting the Brisbane area, you have many choices when it comes to accommodation. Many people narrow their hotel searches to the city center, however, there are many great options out in the suburbs, particularly in north Brisbane. There are many reasons to stay at one of the charming hotels in the north Brisbane area - here is why we recommend it.


You get great quality at an affordable price.

Since Brisbane is such a large city, it can be quite expensive to stay there, even at low end or mid range hotels. By opting to stay north of the city, you will pay much less for the same quality. Many hotels in the northern suburbs offer rooms for less than $100 that are very comfortable and cozy.


You will have access to both natural beauty and the excitement of Brisbane.

By staying in the northern suburbs of Brisbane instead of the city center, you will actually be more centrally located for a variety of activities. Brisbane has a very comprehensive public transit station, so you can easily take the train from the northern suburbs into the city, where you can explore all of the great cultural attractions of the area. You can also take the train up north, all the way to the Sunshine Coast. If you have a car, you will also be very close to the stunning beaches in Moreton Bay, which is an extremely popular place to swim, whale watch, and surf.


Most of the accommodation in North Brisbane is locally owned.

Many of the hotels in this area are owned and run by local families instead of large chains. Although this means that most of the hotels are a little smaller than the ones you would find in the city center, you will likely get more personalized and friendly service, and it will be easier to meet other travelers and locals.


North Brisbane is more family-friendly than staying in the city.

If you are traveling with young children, staying in the Brisbane city area may be very overwhelming for them. If you stay in North Brisbane instead, you will have more space for them to run around, and you won’t have to worry about losing them in big crowds. North Brisbane is also closer to the beaches and many parks, which are very family-friendly activities.


Overall, staying in north Brisbane has many advantages, especially if you want to enjoy all of the nature that the area has to offer at a very affordable price. 

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