Benefits of Staying in Motels in North Brisbane

The Brisbane area has so much to offer, drawing holiday makers from around the world. If you are traveling to Brisbane, you will find that you have a plethora of options for places to stay. Although it may seem appealing to stay in town, there are actually plenty of options out in the suburbs that are perfect for all kinds of travelers, from solo adventurers to families to business travelers. The North Brisbane area has many welcoming and friendly motels. Here’s why we recommend staying in motels in North Brisbane. 

You are right in the center of everything.

The North Brisbane area is very close to many different types of attractions. The city and Southbank areas, which are full of plenty exciting cultural activities, food, outdoor attractions, and more, are just a short train ride away. From there, you can also transfer to trains to take you south to the Gold Coast. You can also take the train up to the Sunshine Coast. If you want to explore the beaches of Moreton Bay, they are just a short drive east, but if you would prefer a secluded getaway in the hinterland, you can head just a few minutes west. 

You get great quality for a lower price. 

Staying in the city can be very expensive. By choosing a motel in the suburbs instead, you get the same level of comfort for a much lower price. Many motels even offer rooms for $100 per night, but still offer similar comforts like free wifi and breakfast. Since most motels in North Brisbane are also family owned and operated, you’ll also likely get great recommendations for local food and attractions. 

Motels are perfect for families or large groups. 

If you are traveling with a crowd, you can save money by staying in a motel. It is much cheaper to book two or more rooms at a motel than at a large hotel in the city, and many motels also offer varying room sizes to accommodate bigger parties. If you are traveling with kids, the quiet atmosphere of the suburbs will also be less overwhelming and easier to manage than staying directly in the city. 

You can book a motel for any length of time. 

If you need to stay in the Brisbane area for a longer trip, a motel is a great choice, because they are set up for longer stays. They are also much more inexpensive than a hotel, so you will save lots of money over time. 

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